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SSA or SSAA: Halloween


Normally I'm not one to select seasonal music for holidays such as
Halloween, but our board of directors is hosting a masquerade ball the
weekend before Halloween and my treble octet is scheduled to sing at it.
I'm in search of unison to 4 part SA-SSAA music that might fit this quite
secular event. I'll gladly post a compilation in time for everyone to put
this stuff on your fall concerts!

Brian Clissold, Music Director
Battle Creek Girls' Chorus


Thank you all so much for your help! Here is the list:

Double Trouble-John Williams
Hist Wist-Hutcheson/Richards
Witches Chorus from MacBeth-Verdi
Hist Wist-Persechetti
Abram Brown-Britten
Hotaru Koi (with flashlights)-Ogura
The Witches Trio-Larsen
Give Us-Mark Winges
Dweller of the Cave-Teresa Jennings
Mulligatawny MacBeth-John Govedas
Things that go Bump In the Night-Elizabeth Alexander
Botanicals-Jeffrey Bishop
She Weeps over Rahoon-Whitacre
The Ride By Nights-Britten
Poor Tom-folks song (Canadian)
Phantom of the Opera
Mountain Nights-Kodaly
Moon piece-Ron Nelson
Tutu Maramba-arr. James Erb
Music from Wicked
In the Dark Dark Woods-Paul Ayres

Many thanks,
Brian Clissold