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Books and materials: Vocal techniques textbooks for college

Dear listers; Here are my results. I also received one syllabus. Thanks to all who replied!

Original Post:

Could anyone recommend a text (I used the Van Christy 40 years ago in college!) and/or have a syllabus for a 200 level vocal techniques class?

I have been asked to teach a vocal tech course for the spring semester. ..undergraduate students, designed for non voice majors. However it seems there are several freshman voice majors and 1 senior voice major planning to take the course in addition to the non-vocal students. I think I will need to address breath, posture, placement, resonance, hygiene, health, diction, adolescent voice, choral situations and individual voices.... other suggestions for topics or approaches that would help me be affective for this wide range of student experience?

Thanks! I'll post a compilation if asked and if replies warrant.
Michael S. Wade
Elkhart, In
mwade49(a) 574-264-7897

I would recommend:

Discover Your Voice by Oren Brown
On Studying Singing by Sergius Kagen (really inexpensive!)
in addition to whatever repertoire book you choose!

I used Van Christy as well!!

If you're training future educators, and especially if there are some voice majors in the class, I would definitely touch on some basic vocal pedagogy, and therefore include the topics of laryngeal structure and function and registration at the very least. Richard Miller and Scott McCoy's books are in-depth, but would be an excellent resource for you as the instructor (to prepare your lessons).

I have just finished an informal vocal technique class where I walked the students through the various exercises of HOW TO TRAIN SINGERS
by Larra Browning Henderson. That was the text used when I took a vocal ped. class as an undergraduate. Very helpful.

I don't know about availability of this book, but it's worth pursuing.
"Guidance in Voice Education" by Dale V. Gilliland, Typographic Printing Co. Columbus, Ohio, 1970. Dale was perhaps the finest voice pedagogue I have ever worked with. He and Richard Miller worked very similarly, and this book is a well written and thorough text.

I have found "Solutions for Singers" by Richard Miller to be an
excellent text for addressing specific questions related to vocal
technique. You will not find much information about choral vocal
technique or dealing with adolescent singers.
The author also has the advantage of being one of the most formidable
vocal pedagogues of our time. He will be known and respected by your
voice faculty.

on July 20, 2010 10:16pm
I also recommend Richard Miller's Structure of Singing. I had it for my undergraduate voice ped class but it does a very good job of addressing the topics you listed. It is a nice book because it has exercises in it also to help relate the topic addressed. Plus, the book is considered a standard and a "must have" for vocalists or those dealing with the vocal art-forms so you might as well expose them to it early. 
Kyle Wheatley
Wichita, KS/Tuscaloosa, Alabama
on August 27, 2010 4:31pm
Co-Edited by: 
Leon Thurman, Ed.D., (also principal author) currently at The Leon Thurman Voice Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (formerly 12 years at Fairview Voice Center, University of Minnesota Medical Center)
Graham Welch, Ph.D. Head, Division of Arts and Humanities, Institute of Education, University of London, UK
The book's content is presented in five multiple-chapter sections called Books (I, II, III, IV, V). Each Book has its own title and body of voice knowledge with cross references to other Books/Chapters.
Book I: Bodyminds, Learning, and Self-Expression
Book II: How Voices are Made and How They Are 'Played' in Skilled Singing and Speaking
Book III: Health and Voice Protection
Book IV: Lifespan Voice Development
Book V: A Brief Menu of Practical Voice Eduction Methods
Bodymind and Voice is very comprehensive and is based in the voice, voice medicine, and neuropsychobiological sciences (science-based/evidence-based including research references, BUT...has been described as user-friendly.
Over 50 Do-This Experiences
Over 200 photos and illustrative drawings
18 authors: Ear-Nose-Throat Physicians (3), Endocrinologist, Allergist-Immunologist, Specialist Voice Educator, Speech Language Pathologist, Audiologist, Alexander Technique Teacher, Infant & Early Childhood Music Specialist, Child Voice Specialists (2), Female and Male Adolescent Changing Voice Specialists (2), Voice Education and Choral Conducting Specialists (3), Choral Conducting Specialist
Bodymind and Voice is bound into three volumes.  Volume 3 contains Books III, IV, and V.