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New York City Choral Exchange March 25 - 28 2010

Location: New York, USA
Join us in New York City, the center of the performing arts world! From Opera to dance and theater, to gospel music, New York City has it all. While participating in the New York City Choral Music Exchange, your choir will stay in a lovely hotel in the heart of Manhattan on Broadway. Known for its restaurants, entertainment, and big city lights, Broadway is the center of this exciting Choral Exchange. Participating choirs will perform in fabulous venues beside some of the world’s most famous theaters. Venues include the beautiful St. Malachy’s Church in the heart of Manhattan, one of the city’s beautiful public atriums, and the opportunity to sing and exchange with a local Brooklyn area choir at the Friendship Concert. New York City is also famous for Harlem’s Gospel choirs, who were leaders in the Gospel Music Tradition. Your choir will be treated to a lively Gospel performance in the heart of the city and experience the excitement of traditional Gospel song in an optional Gospel Music Workshop. The Big Apple awaits your choir in 2010!