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The "Pokroff" Chamber Choir invites to Moscow

Location: Russia
Let me introduce myself – my name is Andrey Goryachev. I am a founder and conductor of the Chamber Choir "Pokroff", created in 1993. This is a mixed choir with various and interesting repertoire. We have a lot of concert tours around Europe and realize the cultural exchange program with European choirs. December 2008 in Switzerland were organized joint concerts of the "Pokroff" choir and Swiss choirs. Reunioning different musical traditions, Swiss and Russian singers have given for the audience bright concerts. It was really Advent celebration! Also we organize travels of Swiss choirs to Russia. Their performances don’t leaves Russian audience without emotions.Besides participation in the Music Festivals, traditional Russian outdoor festivities, our guests can see everything, which is offered to the common tourists and even more! Our guests are not limited of the tourists’ frames. They can choose program and routes. It is possible even to make performance in the famous Moscow Conservatory! If you want to visit Russia and find new friends, it would be interesting for you to make "Choir travel to Russia". Details about program of the travel and those who already have come to us – on the web-site:

Moscow and Moscow Region, Golden Ring of Russia and Saint-Petersburg better to open with the Chamber Choir "Pokroff"!

With the best Regards, Andrey Goryachev,
art-director and conductor of the Chamber Choir "Pokroff"