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Tell me your favorite double chorus works

Good morning,
I have just been appointed director of a choral program where three choruses traditionally share concerts.  I would like to find a few double and even triple choral works to program.  Of course the Vaughan Williams g-minor mass is already on the list.
I look forward to seeing what you send along.
(=: CHEERS :=) to all, Robert
Robert Howard on May 19, 2009 10:54
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Thank you everyone!  I am overwhelmed by the response to my request.  I have been compiling all the pieces you have sent and have located a few  on my own.  The resulting list is 10 pages and counting. I could envision this becoming a useful resource for any choral director looking to program works for double chorus and would like to find the best way to distribute it to you all. 
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on May 19, 2009 4:43am
 Besides all the great suggestions so far, I'd offer my "Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord God of Hosts."   It sets an amalgam from 4 psalms (e.g. "the Lord is King; he is robed in majesty" and "the heavens are telling...") for two SATB choirs a cappella.  Well received when premiered at the Helena, Montana Choral Week in June 2008, there's a studio-style demo recording as well as a viewable score at the link above.  You might also check out William Hawley's Miserere.  chris hoh 
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