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A Night at the Movies

Dear Colleagues:
I'm putting a program together called "A Night at the Movies".  Looking for solid "non cheesy" arrangements of songs to fill the concert.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Jason Throne
Director of Vocal Music
Unionville High School
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on June 2, 2009 9:48am
Here are a number of pieces.  I don't know what your groups are or their levels, but I've used these in the past for the same theme.  Even if these arrangements don't work exactly, maybe there are some ideas for songs. . .
Good luck, 
Crescenta Valley High School
La Crescenta, CA
Over the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz                                 
Arr. by Guy Turner

(SATB a cappella)


Stand By Me from Stand by Me                                   
Arr. by Anne Raugh & Deke Shar
Blue Moon from Grease                                               
Arr. by Anne Raugh & Deke Sharon

I am a Man of Constant Sorrow from O Brother, Where Art Thou?   
Arr. K. Shaw
(TTBB accompanied)

A Little Less Conversation from Ocean’s 11                         
Arr. Mac Huff
(TTBB accompanied)

Mr. Sandman from Back to the Future                                
Arr. by  Ed Lojeski
(SSAA a cappella)

Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act 2                                        
Arr. by Roger Emerson
(SATB or SSA accompanied)
The Trolley Song from Meet Me in St. Louis                         
Arr. by Alan Billingsley
(SSA accompanied)

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough from Bridget Jones’ Diary     
Arr. by R. Emerson
(SSA accompanied)
Get Happy from Summer Stock                                         
Arr. by Mac Huff
(SATB accompanied)

Blue Skies from The Aviator                                              
Arr. Steve Zegree
(SATB accompanied)
The Way We Were from The Way We Were               
Arr. by Chuck Casey
(SATB accompanied)

Singin’ in the Rain from Singin’ in the Rain                       
Arr. by April Arabian-Tini
(SSAATTBB a cappella)

Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne’s World         
Arr. by Anne Raugh & Deke Sharon
(SSAATTBB a cappella)


The Rainbow Connection from The Muppet Movie                           
Arr. Hawley Ades
(SATB accompanied) 

on June 3, 2009 6:26am
Follow Up Question. I love the choral arrangement of "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic. But all this time, I've been thinking that it's so overplayed that the mere mention of the title will cause audience and singers alike to cringe. Has enough time passed that we can safely perform that song again?
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