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concert theme ideas

I am always looking for concert theme ideas for programming at a  Catholic HIgh School in the midwest.  Would you mind sharing your best ideas for concerts with me?  In the past we have successfully used such things as Christmas Around the World, Lessons and Carols, Spring Fling, A Night on the Town...
I need some new ideas.  Thank you.
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on July 20, 2009 9:13am
Here are a few ideas.  Good luck!
"Music of the Americas" - all music from North, Central and South America (including some Mexican and American Baroque)
"Around the World in 80 minutes" - you can guess this one
"Music of the Masters" - all movements from choral masterworks
"A Patchwork Mass" - a mass consisting of movements taken from masses of all different composers and periods
"Then and Now" - I had pairings of texts set by different composers (i.e. O Magnum Mysterium by Victoria and O Magnum Mysterium by David Childs) - I did "Then" in the first half and the "Now" after intermission.  The texts were in the same order for both halves of the concert.
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