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Music Publishers

Hello to everybody!
My name is Jorge Córdoba, I'm from Mexico City and I'm trying to know about Music Publishers because I have a several choral compositions for mixed choir, children choir and male and female choir, too. Especifically I'm looking for a Music Publishers that I can contact to offer my music. Almost all is in spanish and I think that could be useful for all these choirs that are interested to sing music in another language, now the second in importance in USA.
Thanks beforehand.
I'll be waiting your answers.
on July 25, 2009 7:17am
Buenos dias, Jorge!
Thank you for posting.
Please try earthsong!
Here's a link to their submissions information:
I'm always looking for good choral music in Spanish!
Susan Nace
The Harker School
San Jose, CA
on July 29, 2009 8:36am
 Jorge, we would be interested in carrying some simpler Spanish pieces on our online sheet music website Canasg Music (named after a Scottish wild flower).  Please contact us at composers(a) for further information, if you are interested.
Sheena Phillips
Canasg Music Publishing
Edinburgh, Scotland & Columbus, Ohio
on January 20, 2010 9:22am
Hola Maestro. Te habla  Cristian Grases, alumno del Maestro Alberto Grau y la Maestra maria Guinand. Actualmente vivo de Los Angeles y estoy desarrollando un projecto de musica latinoamericana con una casa editora local. Es un centro de estudios corales latinoamericano que desarrollara puentes entre artistas y compositores latinoamericanos con el resto del mundo. Escribeme a cgrases(a) Me encantaria intercambiar ideas.
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