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Applications now open for the 2010 Cork International Choral Festival, Ireland

Location: Ireland
 Applications for the 2010 Festival now open! 
July 2009
As one of Europe’s premier choral festivals and now going into its 56th year, the Cork International Choral Festival has long been attracting choirs from all over the world to attend, either in a competitive capacity as part of the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy Competition, or to participate non-competitively. To see our full newsletter in your browzer please click here.

Next year’s festival takes place from April 28th to May 2nd 2010 and we are keen to yet again attract overseas choirs to join us to take part in this celebration of choral music. Cork welcomes choirs from across the world for a programme of choral concerts, national and international competition, and internationally renowned performances as thousands of participants bring the city to life for five days in May. For visiting choirs, Cork provides an opportunity not only to perform; but also to experience some of the world’s best choral music, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the mingling, singing and fun of the festival club, and explore the vibrant city of Cork and its surrounds on Ireland’s beautiful south coast.

Fleischmann International Trophy Competition

Each year some of the finest amateur choirs are selected to compete for the prestigious Fleischmann International Trophy. The selected choirs also have an opportunity to perform in a range of additional festival activities throughout the week including fringe concerts, church and informal performances. Please click here to find more information as well as the application form for the Fleischmann International Trophy Competition of the 2010 Cork International Choral Festival. We would be grateful if you could further circulate this information to interested choirs. Should you require any hard-copies, or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Non-Competitive Participation

Each year a number of very fine choirs are also selected to participate in the non-competitive strand of the festival. Participating non-competitively gives choirs the opportunity to present informal performances in various locations across the city, while having the possibility to meet with other choirs, see some of Ireland’s beautiful countryside, attend some of the festival events, sing, mingle, and soak up the festival atmosphere here in Cork. Non-competitive choirs are free to organize their own tourist activities while here, but are asked to please keep the festival office informed as their itinerary comes together to ensure that no time-tabling cross over occurs. To find more information and the application form for non-competitive participation, please click here.

Full information on the festival, its competitions, and visiting Cork is also available on our website at and should help answer any further questions you may have.