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changing name of choir

I can't figure out how to change the listing of our chorus. We changed our name, and I have successfully posted audition notices for the "new" group, but can't find a place to either delete the old one in the general listing or change it. If I click on the old name, I get an error message (403 forbidden). The whole setup has changed since I first added the group, and I find that I'm a bit confused. Sorry!!
Thank you,
Nancy Gibbs
on September 3, 2009 7:59am
I'm the volunteer who maintains the directory of choir websites on ChoralNet and I've got it all fixed now, thanks to the information you provided. In order to change the older listings (pre-2009), people need to either contact us, or submit the update as a "new choir link" (using the button in the choirs area). You actually did that, but I wouldn't have known that your renamed group was replacing the old one, so contacting us was the right thing to do. I have deleted the old group's listing (and the "forbidden" errors you received had nothing to do with ChoralNet -- that was because the group's old website has apparently been disabled) and approved your submission for the new group and site.
David Topping
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