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Moscow International Children's and Youth Choir Festival invites !!!

Location: Russia
Choir type: Children's and Youth Choirs
Dear choral conductors!
please take time and look at the link that will explain in detail all about this Festival.
This is  a great opportunity  to expose children( and your self) to wonderful cultural environment that Festival provides, show your unique program , but also to see a big and beatiful city of Moscow. the choral school "Radost" which is hosting the festival is a big and busy choral school in Moscow. They sing in all possible famous concert halls of Moscow and other Russian cities, they collaborate with the adult professional groups.The ledears of the school are very nice people who deducated whole life to the choral art and managed to build their own Choral school and develop a unique and complex program for kids who studying there.
If you have any questions you can contact me since I have a direct connection with this school.
Best wishes