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Request to borrow Britten, Fink, Clausen

Location: Illinois, USA
Item: SATB version - Ceremony of Carols - What Sweeter Music - There is No Rose
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Britten, Michael Fink, Rene Clausen
Starting: Ideally by 10/22
For: through Christmas 2009
Copies: 60
Willing to rent: Yes
  Friends ... I need to squeeze all I can from this year's remaining budget, and am wondering if I could borrow any of the following ... I need about 60 copies of each ... (I'd need these through Christmas, will pay postage, etc.)  Will also consider purchasing at used prices if for some reason you don't need these.
SATB version - Britten Ceremony of Carols
What Sweeter Music - Michael Fink
There is No Rose - Rene Clausen
(Ideally, I'd like to get the music in the next week or so)
Dan Wagner
Grace UMC
Naperville, IL