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Seeking Xmas music choruses with 4- or 5-part brass

Item: Xmas Choruses with 4- or 5-part brass
Composer/Arranger/Edition: any
Starting: immediately
For: till Jan 15, 2010
Copies: about 25-30 voc scores, full score & parts
Willing to rent: No
Replies (2): Threaded | Chronological
on October 23, 2009 5:55am
Is a fine Magnificat considered 'X-mas  music"  ?
If so really consider Arnold Rosner's Magnfiicat opus 72.For mixed voices, brief alto&tenor soli, two trumpets, two trombones. Has antiphonal effects, and wants a capable group.
Can be heard on Laurel LR-849CD.=14 minutes
Available at: Horizon Bay Music
3311 Shore Parkway #2A, brooklyn, NY,11235
on October 23, 2009 9:29am
Sig asked:
"Is a fine Magnificat considered 'X-mas music'?"
Technically, no.  Traditionally it was the musical high point of the Vespers Service, one of the 8 services of the Holy Office, and used year-'round.
However, considering the text and its placement in the Gospel of Luke, it should properly be seen as an Advent text rather than a Christmas text, and as such would be more than suitable for any pre-Christmas programs, much like "O magnum mysterium" (although strictly speaking that IS a Christmas text).
(Don't forget that in liturgical churchs, the Christmas Season begins ON CHRISTMAS DAY, as opposed to Walmart, where it begins in late September!!!!)
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