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Quality music for a small choir

 I am a new choral director for a very small rural school. My choir has 15 members in it. I need some help finding quality literature for them. We have an accompaist who is fairly good but I haven't found much for quality music for the choir. I would like to do Lauridson's O Magnum Mysterium that is too much for this size of a choir. Can anyone please recommend pieces that would be good for my choir?
My choir is a mixed choir. I generally use SAB music for them. It is a high school choir. They range from 9-12th grade. They aren't very experianced for the most part, there are two who are though. I would like music that is accessible to them but would also challenge the two who are very experianced.
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on November 12, 2009 12:54pm
The Lauridsen "O Magnum Mysterium" was written for a choir of 60+ professional singers.  This would certainly not be appropriate literature for a small school choir with 15 members.  
I would love to recommend pieces for you, but I need some more information.  Is your choir mixed (SATB)?  How well do they read music?  What is their grade/age level?
Tammi Alderman
Director of Choral Music 
Crescenta Valley High School
Senior High Repertoire & Standards Chair - CA ACDA
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