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Unison sacred pieces for small choir,

My volunteer choir currently consists of 3 sop. 3 alti, 1 very elderly bass and 1 tenor who can sing occasionally.  Most are good readers (except the bass, who really has difficulty learning anything new). I have been working with them many years and they can sing beautifully in unison.  I welcome any suggestions for selections for unison adult choir, any season, esp. Lent and Easter  of textual and musical substance. I do have a very proficient pianist who is new to the organ (thus pedaling is limited), and two fairly good flutists available and can join them to sing solo or sop. descant if needed.  I have spent many rather disappointing hrs. searching publisher's sites and if there is a list in the choralnet archives I haven't found it, so now I seek the knowledge my generous colleagues here.  Composers are encouraged to toot there own horns! 
on January 6, 2010 6:05pm
Hi, Nora.  I hate to point out the obvious, but you don't have to look for "choir" music.  Unison means that you can use any solo piece that's appropriate for your sevices, and appropriate in range and demands for your singers, with or without your tenor and bass.
And unison can be a very beautiful sound.  That's especially true for children, of course, but almost as true for adults.  And I suspect that you and your choir would be delighted to do unison and do it beautifully rather than attempt part music if they aren't comfortable with it.
And there are TONS of song collections!
All the best,
on January 7, 2010 12:17am
"How Can I Keep From Singing" arr Littleton - Unison
"Let There Be Peace on Earth" arr. Hayes - Unison w/ opt 2nd part
"Fly Away Medley" arr. Hayes - SA (with lots of unison)
"Hallelujah!" arr. Page & Shafferman - Uniston/2-part
"Feed My Lambs" arr. Sleeth - Unison
on January 7, 2010 4:51am
I would off an anthem based on Psalm 95: Come Let Us Sing. Also, I have a Psalm 23 which can be done as an alto solo or unison choir.
on January 7, 2010 6:09am
Selah Publishing has a number of unison anthems, and full pdfs of the anthems may be downloaded for review:
David Schaap
on January 7, 2010 6:37am
Have you checked out the Beckenhorst website?  Willing to bet you can find one or two pieces to fill the bill.  Also, though out of print(but not difficult to acquire), a very effective piece by Joseph Clokey entitled "Canticle of Peace" - (based on Isaiah) - totally unison but well-worth the effort.
Finally...all things know your choir best...right?  Have you tried sittiing down with pen & paper(or Finale, or Sibelius) and making an original arrangement of your own?  I've done it many times for my choir...and it's an education unto itself!   This is my best suggestion.  Good Luck!
on January 7, 2010 7:09am
 Nora, (I'll be a horn-tooting composer.)
I have a Kyrie and a Benediction that might be useful.  Both are unison, and both have a canonic option and keyboard accompaniment.  Let me know if you you are interested.     
Leonard Enns
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