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Learning from Eric Ericson V - Conducting Technique II
This continues my notes from several sessions on conducting by Eric Ericson done for the Haystack Workshop in Oregon.
Ericson - Day 2
1) “caress” the air as if through water, then make attacks (not in a pattern) gradually more marked , then back to caressing motion - check to see that your shoulder muscles stay relaxed as you beat more marcato
2) he then does other exercises to show changes in the size of the beat:
  • 5/8
  • 7/8
  • 6/8
3) more exercises for "co-ordination of opposites" conduct 3 (3/4), but count 2 (6/8)
("now walk around - not in tempo - just gentle")
4) conduct 2 (6/8) count 3 (3/4)
5) do both exercises 3 and 4, counting legatissimo, beating marcato (and vice versa)
6) more exercises for left hand independence:
  • 4/4 giving cues
  • one conductor is in front of class, conducts 4, cues with l.h. at his or her choice - group responds with “bop” ( if short), "bah" (if conductor indicates long)
(E. says you could also try to cue one side of the