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Why so slow?

Any idea why the site responds so slowly (avg. 15 seconds to approve a message or go to a thread)?  It's been this way since 2.0 went up, though maybe before.  Other web sites load normally, so I'm thinking it's CN-related.
on February 11, 2010 9:59pm
The biggest reason recently is that we've had "full instrumentation" running since the last update so that we can track down bugs more easily, which slows down the site considerably (but let us fix a number of issues pretty quickly). I've turned that off, effective immediately, so things should be a lot faster now. There are also a number of optimizations that I'm planning on making now that things are more or less stable.
If you're still running into issues, check with your local ISP. 15 seconds is *glacial*, and it's likely that some router somewhere between ChoralNet and your machine is having issues. Nothing should take more than about 2-5 seconds to respond on the site.
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