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Mistaken identity: misattributed works

Location: California, USA
sdg_logo.gifSoli Deo Gloria with Orchestra Gloria performs a concert of Baroque choral music that will leave the audience guessing. Find out who really wrote these pieces and why it's been kept a secret for years as Artistic Director Allen H Simon conducts this first-ever "Who done it" concert.

"Everybody thought we knew who wrote these beautiful pieces, but it turns out we were mistaken."

Some are just accidental; other outright frauds. What motivated J-B Weckerlin to write a fake piece in the 1800s and claim it was by Orlando di Lasso? Why did the respected Bach-Gesellschaft think that Kuhnau's cantata Uns ist ein Kind geboren was by Bach? Who really wrote the "Pergolesi" Magnificat? Should we tell the children that their favorite Bach song "Bist du bei mir" was actually composed by Gottfried Stölzel? Find out which pieces fooled publishers (and sometimes scholars) for years.
Complete program, with the actual composer shown if known:
  • "Buxtehude" Magnificat
  • "Schütz", Sumite psalmum
  • "Bach", Bist du bei mir BWV 508 (Stölzel)
  • "Bach", St. Luke Passion BWV 246 (selections)
  • "Bach", Ich lasse dich nicht BWV Anh.159 (Johann Christoph Bach)
  • "Bach", Cantata 142 (Johann Kuhnau)
  • "Mozart", Missa pastoralis K140
  • "Lassus", Mon coeur se recommande à vous (Weckerlin)
  • "Josquin", Absolon Fili Mi (Pierre de la Rue?)
  • "King John of Portugal", Crux fidelis
  • Morley, Agnus Dei (authentic but included because it's such an atypical work)
  • "Gibbons", O Lord, increase my faith (Henry Loosemore?)
  • "Martin Luther", Away in a Manger (James Murray?)
  • "PDQ Bach", O Little Town of Hackensack (Peter Schickele)
  • "PDQ Bach", Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John (Peter Schickele)
  • "Pergolesi", Magnificat (Francesco Durante)

Saturday, March 13, 5:00 p.m.
First Lutheran, 600 Homer Ave. (Homer & Webster)
Palo Alto

Sunday, March 14, 3:30 p.m.
Christ Episcopal, 1700 Santa Clara

Tickets are $25 (general) and $20 
(student/senior) at the door; discount for 
advance purchase. Call 888/SDG-SONG or order on 
line at
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