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6th WORLD CHOIR GAMES 2010, Shaoxing, China

Location: China
The idea of the World Choir Games originates from the effort to bring together people and peoples, who are united through singing, in peaceful competition. This way the coming together of nations, also in arts, can be effectively and illustratively demonstrated and continuously challenged. Being the world’s biggest choir competition the World Choir Games shall inspire people to experience the strength of interaction which is able to challenge personality and community equally by singing together. Participation alone is important and the greatest honour. The World Choir Games are organised for amateur choirs from all over the world, no matter which continent they come from or which musical genres are represented in their repertoires or which artistic ambitions they have. To experience this festival for choirs from all over the world means to participate, to contribute one’s own performance, to compare to others and to experience the enthusiasm of singing together. Shaoxing is located on the southern reaches of the Yangtze Delta, not far from Shanghai. Shaoxing is a flourishing metropolis with a history that goes back more than a thousand years. Its people live in a city whose life is determined by water, whose beauty is reflected in its trees and plants and whose culture makes its soul come alive. The people of both cities are looking forward to this important cultural event with great enthusiasm and anticipation. Experience these two fascinating megacities. Welcome to our friends from all over the world!
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