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New Choral CHARISMA Website: What's Inside

Location: California, USA
I've just launched a "new and improved" website (, which includes the following:
Safety First.   How to establish a safe and supportive environment, and why it's in everybody's best interest  audience members included. Includes games and activities designed to build personal commitment, trust, and a strong sense of ensemble.
Movement & Warm-ups.   How to help singers move rather than standing stiff or still, and why it's in everybody's best interest  audience members included. Lots of warm-up activities and ideas which engage the "whole singer" (body, mind, and voice).
Philosophy & Feedback.   What is "authentic expression," and how can it benefit choral directors, singers, and audience members. Why are audience members more engaged by authentically expressive singers than by inexpressive or inauthentic singers? What gets in the way of authentic expression?
Director's Face.   Why the predominant paradigm regarding a director's facial involvement while conducting is counter-productive and ineffective. And what a director might consider in its stead.
Strong Program.   My take on the elements that comprise a strong choral program or choir. If you're struggling to build the numbers of singers or audience members, this could give you an introductory checklist and guide for growth.
Barbershop.  How barbershoppers can shift their Rehearsal & Performance paradigm, moving toward authentic expression. Includes an example of the differences between the stereotypical barbershop approach and the "authentically expressive" approach  as seen in contrasting approaches to "My Wild Irish Rose."  
Also included in the website are the Home Page, Book & Reviews page, and Resources page.
Tom Carter