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Show choir costumes

Hi, I'm starting a show choir next year at a small school.  I have a few questions about costumes.
For those of you who have run show choirs you expect the kids to pay for their dresses/guys outfits?  If not, do you have the kids fundraise for them?  Or how do you pay for them?  Do you have them pay part of the cost and use other funds (budget, fundraising funds, etc) for the rest?  Or what?
I'm starting this job in the fall, and I'll have one small budget (about $3000) to use for the whole year for band, choir, AND show choir. Because of this, I can't pay for the outfits from the budget. 
Also, this is a lower-income area, and although some would have no problems buying the outfits, there might be a few left out of joining because they couldn't pay for the outfits.  And I just wouldn't allow kids to get left out due to money.
The dresses I'm looking at purchasing are $92 each, if that helps.  The guys out fits (pants, shirt, tie) will run about $60. I know that we could just start simple at first (jeans, shirts), but I really want this to get attention and grow, and so I would like to have the dresses right from the start.
Thanks so much in advance for your advice!
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