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Your Top 10 favorite living composers (someone commission-able)

Who are your Top 10 favorite living choral composers?  Specifically, who write or will write choral music, and are available for commissions.
Feel free to offer up composers who write mainly for movies, games, pop, or____, etc.  Don't limit yourself!
I guess another way to put it would be: if you could afford to pay for 10 commissions: which composers would you choose?  
Thanks in advance for the input.  We're thinking of doing a series of all new works. I'm really curious what people will say!  
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on May 17, 2010 6:23pm
My suggestions:
Libby Larsen
Jennifer Higdon
Chen Yi
Kinoshita Makiko
Elizabeth Alexander
Emma Lou Diemer
Tania Leon
Judith Shatin
Alexina Louie
Anne LeBaron
I look forward to hearing this series of new works!  Best, Michele 
J. Michele Edwards
on May 17, 2010 9:00pm
1) Mark Hayes
2) Dan Forrest
3) Bob Burroughts
4-10) See Above
on May 17, 2010 9:20pm
John Wiliams (USA)
Morten Lauridsen (USA)
John Ratter (UK)
Kerl Jenkins (UK)
Bob Chilcot (UK)
Eric Whitacre (USA)
Lane Prince (Canada)
Josu Badiola (Spain)
Kentaro Sato (Japan)
Joshua Shank (USA)
on May 18, 2010 3:01am
Some of my favoutite UK composers already mentioned. May I add:
Philip Stopford
Malcolm Archer
both accepting commissions at reasonable rates.
on May 18, 2010 4:18am
I have given commissions to the following who deserve FAR more.  Great works, very much well written for the voice, solid work in every way.
Daron Hagen (recently received a commission from the Seattle Opera.  I commissioned his Walt Whitman Requiem, a work I plan on conducting again as soon as i can.)
James Valcq (solid work, major award winner. I have commissioned a number of choral works, his Two Shakespeare Songs was a favorite of my choirs.)
One other composer whose commissions I have sung is Roberto Sierra.  Outstanding!!!
on May 18, 2010 4:25am
Morten Lauridsen (USA)
Erik Whitacre (USA)
Stanford E. Scriven (USA) (scriven(a)
Tom Price (Nashville, TN) (tom(a)
Van Gilmer (Gospel) (Wilmette, IL) (VGilmer(a)
Stephen Chatman (Canada)
Mark Sirett (Kingston, Canada) (msirett(a)
Eric Dozier (Vancouver, Canada)
John G. Armstrong (Ottawa, Canada)
on May 18, 2010 5:30am
 my current favorites:
Rene Clausen
Z. Randall Sroop
Paul Halley
Eric Whitacre
on May 18, 2010 5:59am
 Canadian composers whom we have successfully commissioned and/or performed:
Allan Bevan
John Estacio
Malcolm Forsyth
Allan Gilliland
Christos Hatzis
Sid Robinovitch
Mark Sirett
Ruth Watson Henderson
Other living composers not mentioned above whose work I admire and have done recently:
Gavin Bryars
Jonathan Dove
Leonard Enns
Ola Gjeilo
Gabriel Jackson
Tarik O'Regan
Good luck!
on May 18, 2010 6:29am
Please add to these fabulous lists:
Abbie Betinis 
Michelle Weir
on May 18, 2010 6:47am
Joan Szymko
Clifton Noble, Jr.
on May 18, 2010 6:57am
Add Canadian composers Imant Raminsh and Eleanor Daley to the list - wonderful singable music! - and contact the Canadian Music Centre for other recommendations
on May 18, 2010 7:00am
Here are my top 10 (in alpha order):

1) Jackson Berkey

2) David Brunner

3) Eleanor Daley

4) David Dickau

5) John Ferguson

6) Morten Lauridsen

7) Kentaro Sato

8) Z. Randall Stroope

9) Gwyneth Walker

10) Robert H. Young

Best Regards,

Pat Vaughn

Director of Music Ministries, Annandale UMC

Director of Youth Choruses, Fairfax Choral Society

Brethren, Artistic Director

on May 18, 2010 7:41am
Robert Convery - New Hampshire
Beth Anderson - New York
on May 18, 2010 8:35am
not in any particular order...
Jackson Berkey
Paul Halley
Dan Forrest
Morten Lauridson
Eric Whitacre
Gwyneth Walker (I think she's still living...)
Craig Courtney
on May 18, 2010 9:20am
 Brian Schmidt
on May 18, 2010 10:37am
Here are my current favorites (in no particular order, representing a broad variety of compositional colors and styles):

Reginald Unterseher
Paul Carey
Earlene Rentz
Elinor Daley
Bob Chilcott
Joan Szymko
Deborah Govenor
Jonathan Willcocks
Dan Gawthrop
Mark Sirrett

Grace & Peace,
Dr. Paul A. Aitken, Composer/Conductor
Director of Music Ministry
Cathedral of the Rockies, Boise, Idaho
on May 18, 2010 12:08pm
Andrew Bleckner
Andrea Clearfield
Both are in Philadelphia, PA.
on May 18, 2010 12:23pm
What a great time to be alive to be able to experience such creativity.  I might add
James Bassi
Michael Bedford
Howard Goodall
J Aaron McDermid
Daniel Meyer
on May 18, 2010 12:57pm
Wow.  Thank you all for so many replies!   I'll add two from my own list for everyone else:

Richard Nance - (2002 ACDA Raymond Brock Memorial Composition recipient) His Mass for a New Millennium, and Magnificat are well worth your time.

Edwin Wendler (  We commissioned a piece by Edwin this winter, his "Winter Medley", and it was stunning.  Edwin is a film composer by trade, but grew up in the Vienna Boys choir, and has a great ear for voices.

I may contact some of you individually about the new composers you mention.  Thanks for your time!   Christopher
on May 18, 2010 1:00pm
Morten Lauridsen (b. 1943)
Rene Clausen (b. 1953)
Michael McGlynn (b. 1964)
Eric Whitacre (b. 1970)
Kentaro Sato (b. 1981)
I would repeat the list for the other five.
on May 18, 2010 2:05pm
In no particular order and trying not to duplicate too much what has already been said:
Imant Raminsh
Ross Edwards
Veljo Tormis
Bára Grímsdóttir
James MacMillan
Hugi Guðmundsson
Can you post a compilation? maybe even with statistic how often each was named?
on May 18, 2010 2:11pm
Scott Solak
Dan Gawthrop
Z. Randall Stroop
on May 18, 2010 2:18pm
Julius Williams
David Ott
on May 18, 2010 4:00pm
Jocelyn Hagen
Abbie Betinis
Daniel Gawthrop
Joseph Martin
Howard Shore - he did write some choral stuff for Lord of the Rings
Rene Clausen
on May 18, 2010 6:02pm
I teach middle school, so I've included some great middle school composers as well.
Z. Randall Stroope
Laura Farnell
Mark Patterson
Emily Crocker
Rene Clausen
Joseph Martin
Daniel Gawthrop
Eric Whitacre
on May 18, 2010 7:36pm
 Jocelyn Hagen
Abbie Betinis
David Dickau
Joshua Shank
René Clausen
(^^ gotta represent MN)
Craig Courtney
Z. Randall Stroope
Morten Lauridsen
Ola Gjelio 
on May 19, 2010 1:25am
hello everyone, most of the (fine) composers already mentioned are US-based (understandably, given the Choralnet demographic) but I'd like to bang the drum for some British composers, maybe not as well-known as our most successful choral exports Rutter and Chilcott!
try - 
Antony Pitts
Paul Ayres
Graham Fitkin
Deirdre Gribbin
Ruth Byrchmore
Giles Swayne
really interesting and exciting pieces from these 6
Kate Simmons
on May 19, 2010 4:08am
Yes, I'll give it a few more days, and make a compilation post.  I guess people can feel free to double post names, if they'd like to emphasize them!
on May 19, 2010 11:39am
In addition to what's already been posted, I'd add:
N. Lincoln Hanks
Cary Boyce
Kile Smith
Eriks Esenvalds
Kirsten Broberg
Bo Holten
Kristin Kuster
And I'll second (or third, as the case may be)
Andrea Clearfield
Abbie Bettinis
Jennifer Higdon
on May 19, 2010 2:07pm
Stephen Leek (Australia)
Stephen Hatfield (Canada)
Donald Patriquin (Canada)
Michael McGlynn (Ireland) addition to many mentioned all ready.   
What a wonderful topic - We are in a very exciting era of choral composition.  
on May 19, 2010 3:09pm
Robert A.M. Ross - Philadelphia, PA
on May 19, 2010 8:18pm
Joseph Martin
James Mulholland
John Rutter
Eric Whitacre
Byron Smith (Gospel)
Emma Lou Diemer
Stephen Paulus
Kirke Mechem
David Childs
...others I know, but can't think of just now...
on May 20, 2010 4:51am
Jeff Enns (Canada)
Mark Sirett
Eleanor Daley
Pepper Choplin
Stephen Chatman

on May 20, 2010 5:12am
Thanks to Kate Simmons for bringing up some British names that I also thought deserved a mention. I've added two others:

Antony Pitts,, whose choral style is distinctly personal and profoundly religious;
Paul Ayres,, who can range from delicately harmonized carols, such as Entre le boeuf et l'ane gris , to pieces for schools and comedy, like his blues Good King Wenceslas. His own wedding anthem, Ruth, deserves repeated hearing.
Antony le Fleming,, also with a wide range, having written for massed school choirs (I Saw Three Ships), church choirs, organ and orchestra (Cantate Domino).
Gabriel Jackson,, whom I know only from listening.

Incidentally, Pitts and Jackson have both written forty-part motets.
Some further suggestions about commissions:
1) Consider sharing the commissioning if you can with a similar choir or two in other states or counties, with simultaneous performances. This allows you to have a series of joint premieres rather than just one event. It also gives "your" pieces a chance of becoming more widely known.
2) Programme an existing piece by the same composer for the same occasion. This can show that you care about the composers' music as well as just the piece they write for you. For composers that work in several styles, it also lets them know what to provide in the way of genre, forces and difficulty. For example, if you led a talented male-voice choir that enjoyed rhythm, you could ask for a communion anthem to set alongside Antony Pitts' Missa Unitatis.
on May 20, 2010 6:25am
Some Australians:
Clare Maclean
Iain Grandage
Matthew Orlovich
Christopher Willcock
Martin Wesley-Smith
Dan Walker
Stephen Leek
Sarah Hopkins
Ross Edwards
Andrew Ford
Linda Kouvaras
Peter Sculthorpe
Katy Abbott
Steven Hodgson
Some internationals who I have not yet seen mentioned:
R Murray Schafer
Malcolm Dalglish
And another vote for Stephen Hatfield
on May 20, 2010 3:07pm
This is an interesting question and one I have thought about for some time. I would like to open the thought process up a bit and address an extension of the most important living composers. Here are a few composers/arrangers whom I believe helpe create the choral sound we so enjoy today: (No special order)
Gene Puerling
Ward Swingle
Anita Kerr
Dave Brubeck
Gene Berger
(Your suggestions please)
I would like to share the names of some folks who are not only composers but also arrangers primarily in the jazz and contempary choral idioms, most of the composers/arrangers today are profiecent in all areas of choral music.
Ken Kraintz
Larry Lapin
Paris Rutherford
Jennifer Barnes
Michele Weir
Dave Barduhn
Dave Cross
Kirk Marcy
Cory Allen
Phil Azelton
Frank DeMiero
Chris Buzzelli
Kirby Shaw
Jacques Rizzo
Just a few of the composer/arranger folks who are really making a difference for us all in this world of choral music.
on May 24, 2010 3:41am
Wow, nearly 160 names!  Thank You.
Compilation: Alphabetical, Name (Country if given) (#of mentions)(other info provided)
<meta name="GENERATOR" content=" 3.2 (Win32)"/><style type="text/css"><![CDATA[<![CDATA[ <!-- BODY,DIV,TABLE,THEAD,TBODY,TFOOT,TR,TH,TD,P { font-family:"Arial"; font-size:x-small } --> ]]]]><![CDATA[>]]></style><table rules="NONE" frame="VOID" cols="1" cellspacing="0" border="0"><colgroup><col width="699"/></colgroup><tbody><tr><td width="699" height="21" align="LEFT">Abbie Betinis (4)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Alexina Louie</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Allan Bevan (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Allan Gilliland (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Andrea Clearfield</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Andrew Ford (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Anita Kerr</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Anne LeBaron</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Anton Armstrong</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Antony le Fleming (UK)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Antony Pitts (UK) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Bára Grímsdóttir</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Beth Anderson - New York</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Bo Holten</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Bob Burroughts</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Bob Chilcot (UK) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Brian Schmidt (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Byron Smith (Gospel)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Cary Boyce</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Chen Yi</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Chris Buzzelli</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Christopher Willcock (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Christos Hatzis (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Clare Maclean (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Clifton Noble, Jr.</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Cory Allen</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Craig Courtney (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Dan Forrest (3)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Dan Walker (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Daniel Gawthrop (4)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Daniel Meyer</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Daron Hagen</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Dave Barduhn</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Dave Brubeck</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Dave Cross</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">David Brunner</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">David Childs</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">David Dickau (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">David Ott</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Deborah Govenor</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Deirdre Gribbin</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Earlene Rentz</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Edwin Wendler (USA/AUS)(</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Eleanor Daley (CAN) (5)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Elizabeth Alexander</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Emily Crocker</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Emma Lou Diemer (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Eric Dozier (Vancouver, Canada)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Erik Whitacre (USA) (8)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Eriks Esenvalds</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Frank DeMiero</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Gabriel Jackson (UK) (2) <a href=""><a href='' target=_blank></a></a></td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Gavin Bryars</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Gene Berger</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Gene Puerling</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Giles Swayne</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Graham Fitkin</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Gwyneth Walker (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Howard Goodall</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Howard Shore (he did write some choral stuff for Lord of the Rings)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Hugi Guðmundsson</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Iain Grandage (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Imant Raminsh (CAN) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">J Aaron McDermid</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jackson Berkey (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jacques Rizzo</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">James Bassi</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">James MacMillan</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">James Mulholland</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">James Valcq</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jeff Enns (Canada)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jeffrey Ames</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Jennifer Barnes</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jennifer Higdon (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Joan Szymko (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jocelyn Hagen (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">John Estacio (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">John Ferguson (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">John G. Armstrong (Ottawa, Canada)Rene Clausen</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">John Ratter (UK)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">John Rutter (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">John Wiliams (USA)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Jonathan Dove</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Jonathan Willcocks</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Joseph Martin (3)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Joshua Shank (USA) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Josu Badiola (Spain)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Judith Shatin</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Julius Williams</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">K Lee Scott</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Katy Abbott (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Ken Kraintz</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kentaro Sato (Japan) (4)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kerl Jenkins (UK)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kile Smith</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kinoshita Makiko</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Kirby Shaw</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Kirk Marcy</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kirke Mechem</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kirsten Broberg</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Kristin Kuster</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Lane Prince (Canada)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Larry Lapin</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Laura Farnell</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Leonard Enns</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Libby Larsen</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Linda Kouvaras (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Malcolm Archer (UK)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Malcolm Dalglish</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Malcolm Forsyth (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Mark Hayes</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Mark Patterson</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Mark Sirett (Kingston, Canada) (msirett(a) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Martin Wesley-Smith (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Matthew Orlovich (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Michael Bedford</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Michael McGlynn (Ireland) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Michele Weir (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Morten Lauridsen (USA) (7)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">N. Lincoln Hanks</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Nancy Hill Cobb</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Ola Gjeilo (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Paris Rutherford</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Paul Ayres, (UK)<a href=""><a href='' target=_blank></a></a> (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Paul Carey</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Paul Halley (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Pepper Choplin</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Peter Sculthorpe (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Phil Azelton</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT"> <div>Philip Stopford (UK)</div> <div>R Murray Schafer</div> </td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Reginald Unterseher</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Rene Clausen (5)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Richard Nance (USA)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Robert Convery - New Hampshire</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Robert H. Young</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Roberto Sierra. Outstanding</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Ross Edwards (Australian) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Ruth Byrchmore</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Ruth Elaine Schram (USA) Birmingham, AL</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Ruth Watson Henderson (CAN) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Sarah Hopkins (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Scott Solak</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Sid Robinovitch (CAN)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Some further suggestions about commissions:</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Stanford E. Scriven (USA) (scriven(a)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Stephen Chatman (Canada) (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Stephen Hatfield</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Stephen Leek (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Stephen Paulus</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Steven Hodgson (Australian)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Sydney Guillaume</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT">Tania Leon</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Tarik O'Regan</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Tim Sarsany</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Tom Price (Nashville, TN) (tom(a)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Van Gilmer (Gospel) (Wilmette, IL) (VGilmer(a)</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Veljo Tormis</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Ward Swingle</td> </tr><tr><td height="21" align="LEFT">Z. Randall Stroope (2)</td> </tr><tr><td height="20" align="LEFT"> </td> </tr></tbody></table></div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257155'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257155" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A> <a name=257353></a> <div class='commentblock '><div class='commenthead'> <span class=byline> <A HREF='/view/user/7481'>Christopher McCafferty</a></span> on May 26, 2010 9:38am</div> <div class='commentbody'> <div class='node forum'><div>Correction: Z. Randall Stroope shoulde be (5) mentions, not (2).</div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257353'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257353" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A></div></div></div> <a name=257173></a> <div class='commentblock '><div class='commenthead'> <span class=byline> <A HREF='/view/user/4543'>Abbie Betinis</a></span> on May 24, 2010 10:09am</div> <div class='commentbody'> <div class='node forum'><div>Oh my goodness, what a joy to come across this list today!  I'm honored to be among this company.  Thanks for reminding me that the music -- mine and so many others -- is getting out there.  And -- if I may be so bold -- on behalf of these composers and so many more, thank you to all of you who continue to give contemporary choral music vitality through your programming.</div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257173'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257173" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A></div> <a name=257260></a> <div class='commentblock '><div class='commenthead'> <span class=byline> <A HREF='/view/user/1374'>Susan Bell</a></span> on May 25, 2010 2:17pm</div> <div class='commentbody'> <div class='node forum'><div>I would add Dave Brubeck to your list.</div> <div> </div> <div> </div> <div>Susan Bell</div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257260'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257260" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A></div> <a name=257507></a> <div class='commentblock '><div class='commenthead'> <span class=byline> <A HREF='/view/user/12877'>Martha Sullivan</a></span> on May 28, 2010 12:26am</div> <div class='commentbody'> <div class='node forum'><div> <div class="node forum"> <div>Hi, Christopher!</div> <div> </div> <div>It's great that you are asking this question without appending any limits, such as a price cap, or the difficulty of the music the composer might produce, or the composer's availability, since the best tend to be busy ... If I had the job of inviting a bunch of folks to write choral music for me, here's a few people I would contact right off the bat. They are all people I know personally and would want to work with not just for the quality of their music, but because they are also great colleagues who would deliver the goods.</div> <div> </div> <div>In alphabetical order:</div> <div> </div> <div>Eric Banks ... choral conductor/singer (director of The Esoterics, Google 'em) as well as composer; just won the prestigious Dale Warland commission ... music on world religions, usually.</div> <div>Jim Bassi ... wonderfully crafted, singable music ... Jim is a pianist, singer, and conductor as well as composer.</div> <div>Abbie Betinis ... yes, sign me up for that boat, since everyone else on this thread is a fan. :-) Abbie has a wonderful imagination and is also one of my favorite people to work and play with ...</div> <div>Lisa Bielawa ... currently in Rome, having won the Rome Prize ... highly regarded innovative composer, also a singer ...</div> <div> <div>John Corigliano ... well, probably booked years advance, but his music is compelling and makes you want to hear it more than once. Not easy, but immensely worthwhile.</div> <div>Sean Crouch ... a rising young composer, very highly regarded ... excellent craftsmanship.</div> <div>Frank Ferko ... made it big doing really cool mystical Hildegard motets ... I will give his music the adjective "crystalline".</div> </div> <div>Tania Leon ... actually, her music is often very difficult, but I LOOOVE her stuff, and if I had the moolah would fork it over to her to write me solo songs ...</div> <div>Elliot Levine ... an original member of the Western Wind vocal sextet ... his music is warm and friendly ... check out his Suor Juana villancicos ...</div> <div>Nico Muhly ... well, he's the Next Big Thing, so probably too busy, but there's a reason for that. Neat stuff; he says a lot without using too too too many notes. :-)</div> <div>Matt Schickele ... yes, his dad is PDQ Bach. So what? Matt Schickele has his own voice (owes something to Minimalism) and is quite singable.</div> <div>Carlyle Sharp ... really engaging melodic and harmonic style; music always well crafted to the human voice.</div> <div> </div> <div>I leave myself off the list because, um, I'm not QUITE that self serving ... but I am yet another composer/singer. Just not enough of a self-publicist to have made any of the other lists in this thread! Ha.</div> <div> </div> <div>I hope you manage to pull this concert off; I think you deserve to. it's always a joy to know that someone is interested in the music of our time!</div> <div> </div> <div>Martha Sullivan</div> </div> </div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257507'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257507" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A> <a name=257576></a> <div class='commentblock '><div class='commenthead'> <span class=byline> <A HREF='/view/user/7481'>Christopher McCafferty</a></span> on May 29, 2010 4:49am</div> <div class='commentbody'> <div class='node forum'><div>I can't belive I missed Ferko, Martha.  Thanks for the reminder!   And congrats do Eric Banks. on the Warland Commission</div></div></div><style> .trans { background:transparent; } </style><div class='likeframe trans' id='frame-257576'><span class='liked' style='display:none'>Applauded by an audience of <span class=number>0</span></span></div><div id="cmt257576" style="text-align:right"></div><A NAME='comments'></A></div></div><div id="bottom256702" style="text-align:right"><a href="/addcomment/256702" class="actionLink reply" ><img src='/images/icons/reply.png' class=icon> Reply</A> </div><UL class=left><LI><I>You must log in or register to be able to reply to this message.</I></UL> <!-- ########################## --> </td> <!-- end of main content column --> <!-- END MAIN PAGE CONTENT END MAIN PAGE CONTENT --> <!-- sidebar navigation --> <td class='sidebar'> <div style='text-align:center'> <a href=''><img src='/images/acda.jpg' alt='ACDA logo'></a> <div style='text-align:center; 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