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Not music... robes!

Location: California, USA
Item: 13 white or cream colored robes of varying sizes
Composer/Arranger/Edition: N/A
Starting: Wednesday, June 2-Saturday, June 5
For: Concerts in the SF Bay Area
Copies: (13)
Willing to rent: No
Chanticleer would like to borrow 13 white or cream colored robes for their upcoming concert:  "For Thy Soul's Salvation:  Music for England's Monarchs".  We have measurements for the singers on file so we could quickly determine if sizes match up.  The robes could have some sort of embroidery or other marking on the chest as that part of the robe will be covered. 
If you are in the Bay Area and think you may have something which could work, please contact Curt Hancock at 415-252-8589.