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Summer: Recharge, Restore, Reinvent and Spring into Life!

  • Recharge:  The first week of summer break is one long nap---I may not be sleeping, but my brain is in "nap mode".  Of course, I may be sleeping.....
  • Restore:  After the "nap" is over, I clean up from the year----empty files, delete unnecessary information, file papers and music, etc.  I also begin projects that interested me during the year, but that I just didn't get to start during the hurry/flurry of a busy year.
  • Reinvent:  I begin renewing my brain for a new year by attending conferences, looking for new music, hanging out with my dear family, chatting with friends and colleagues, relaxing with important people in my life, etc.
  • Spring into Life:  My best defense is a good offense!  I PLAN, PLAN, PLAN for the next year so nothing "sneaks up" on me! (Or so that the surprise attacks are isolated!)  I plan my musical year in August.  I mean that I really choose all my music in August!  Sometimes the plan changes, but more often than not, I'm good to go!  I create online music orders and save them so that when I'm ready to order music, I can press "send" or I can edit quickly.  I have to make the best use of my time when I have the time.  I put dates into my iPhone calendar---including audition dates, honor choir preparation rehearsals, etc.
  • NOTE:  I posted my Literature Selection Graph in the Library on this site.  As I find music that will meet and grow the musical, emotional, developmental and artistic of my choirs, I fill in the boxes with the song title/publisher info/etc.  I can make sure that I've given my students the balanced musical diets they need from a balanced choral music program.
I know that my summer isn't 10 weeks of nothing, but because I do a little every day, my school year is MUCH more manageable.
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