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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

JH/MS Focused Conference in 2012

What kind of interest would there be for a JH/MS Summit or Conference in 2012?  Early brainstorming would offer these ideas:
  • Performances by real-life JH/MS choirs;
  • Composition competition for JH/MS-focused pieces with an emphasis on the cambiata voice range for changing-voice boys;
  • Honor choir or massed choir performance of the winning composition of the composition competition;
  • Time to build relationships and develop mutually supportive groups;
  • Round-table discussions and interest sessions presented by "big names" in our field including discussions about the following:
  1. Psychology of the early adolscent and it's impact on classroom managment as it applies to the choral rehearsal and excellent performance;
  2. Voice development;
  3. Repertoire (reading sessions, how to choose quality and appropriate music, etc.);
  4. Conducting Master-Class (titles would be available in advance for preparation);
  5. Musicality and Artistry: Connecting the Moments for the JH/MS Singer
What are your thoughts?  
Would you come?  
Would you submit an application CD/mp3 for your choir to sing?
Is this something our area needs?
Send your comments.  This would be YOUR conference!
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