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Musicianship "camp" for adults. Choral singers, teachers, conductors - all musicians welcome. Oakland Hills.

Location: California, USA
  Holy Names University, located in the Oakland Hills, offers beginning to advanced solfège classes for singers, conductors and instrumentalists who wish to read and perform more confidently.  The musicianship classes will be held in conjunction with the 2010 HNU Kodály Summer Institute, Monday-Friday, 9:45-10:55am, from July 12-30.  Beginning and advanced conducting classes are also taking place, and there is the opportunity to participate in the Summer Institute Chorus, led by visiting Hungarian professor Judit Hartyányi.
In addition to sight reading and solfège (movable DO), this internationally recognized method of musicianship training develops your musical memory and your ability to hear and sing intervals accurately.  The ability to hear and perform multiple parts simultaneously is also emphasized.  
The Bay Area is lucky to be home to this country's pioneer center for Kodály education.  
The cost is $245 (for undergraduate or graduate credit), or $175 (audit).  For more information, visit, email or call 510-436-1234.  Music teachers, ask about the certificate program for the Kodály teaching method.