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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

The next wave

Whoa, where did this new ChoralNet come from? I liked the old one better.
The old ChoralNet hasn't gone anywhere. The same Forums, Classifieds, Announcements. The same ChoralNet Daily, although you might notice a few little improvements there. The same personalized subscriptions.
What's new (besides a new logo and a few color changes) is this Communities tab. We're trying to democratize ChoralNet, making it more available for what users want to create. Up until now we've chosen the Forums categories. If you're interested in a specialized topic that doesn't correspond to one of those categories, you've had to wade through irrelevant stuff to see what interests you. Now, you can create a Community where people interested in your area, be it Boychoirs or Gregorian Chant or The Motets of Josquin Desprez, can get together to discuss that. You can create a new Community or join an existing one. You can upload resources (such as a list of Josquin motets) if you wish. You can collect the existing site content about Josquin into your community by "tagging" it.
You can add a subscription to communities you're interested in so they'll come in your email with your other subscriptions.
Do I have to do this? Nope. You can use ChoralNet the same way you always have. But you might find something of interest if you poke around.
What's next? A new subscription viewer, so you can easily look at the content that interests you on ChoralNet, maybe even embedded in the home page. It will have a familiar, Facebook-like interface so you can easily browse what you care about and dismiss the rest. 
The world is a big place, and even though choral music might be a small part of it, it's still big. We're doing our best to make it comprehensible.