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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

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Announcing ... My ChoralNet
ChoralNet has just taken another step to becoming the choral networking site you want.

In June a new tab labeled Communities appeared at the top of the ChoralNet screen.  Communities allows groups of ChoralNet users to band together for professional communication purposes. Over the next months we'll be continuing to improve and refine this feature to allow individuals with joint interests (South Dakota ACDA, International Federation for Choral Music, etc.) to meet within the safe, professional confines of ChoralNet to share information and ideas.

Today,  My ChoralNet  debuts. This feature brings additional aspects of the social networking concept into the professional world of ChoralNet.

If you are a registered user of ChoralNet you already have a personal user page.  Clicking this new tab takes you to your personal page.  You should set up your page as your professional choral identity.  You can add photos, links, and other formatting to personalize yourself to the choral world.  Mine has hyperlinks to important non-ChoralNet websites and also lists the ChoralNet communities which I have joined.

But the new  My ChoralNet   tab has additional areas that allow you to better personalize and control your ChoralNet experience.

Read My Subscriptions channels onto a single page everything on ChoralNet about which you have indicated interest. If you want to better manage how you receive your ChoralNet information, this is where you do it.  Make this page your browser homepage and it becomes your professional choral mailbox!

Subscription Email Options gives you the ability to finetune the ways in which you receive ChoralNet information. Many of the "old-timers" will remember the early days of Choralist when everyone suddenly gained access to the Internet and began posting anything and everything to ChoralNet.  Suddenly our mailboxes were bursting with Choralist messages! This feature allows you to tell ChoralNet what subscriptions you wish to receive as individual email messages and which you might prefer as an index or digest. For instance, I might want to receive my SD-ACDA community messages as individual emails because I'll get them in my email inbox as soon as they are posted to the community forum. But there may be less need for immediacy for one of the other ChoralNet communties or forums to which I have subscribed.  I can set those to index or digest.  The Subscriptions Email Options page is accompanied by a great set of help instructions for those confused over the many possibilities.

There is an item on my screen labeled South Dakota. When I registered with ChoralNet I indicated that I lived in South Dakota. So, all items on ChoralNet that are pertinent to South Dakota are listed on that page with hyperlinks that allow me to quickly jump to them.  Another way that ChoralNet is quickly becoming uniquely personalized to every individual user.

Want to change your password without trying to find out how?  Now you have a tab labelled Change Password which will allow you to quickly and easily change your password for ChoralNet.

I would be remiss if I were to not acknowledge the work of webmaster Allen Simon and systems manager Martin Knowles. They are very good at taking our suggestions and making them work.
ChoralNet exists because choral musicians wanted to be able to do something and created a mechanism for doing so. It has always been a "bottom-up" process. Try these new features. Tell us what you find useful and what you do not. ChoralNet will be what you make it.
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