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Scottsdale Children's Choirs

Category: Children's and Youth Choirs
Voicing: Children
Location: Scottsdale; Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Under the artistic direction of Jennaya Robison, The Scottsdale Children's Choirs are made up of singers entering grade 1 through grade 8. The singers in the Scottsdale Children's Choirs receive a comprehensive music education with emphasis on performance and singing technique with music theory, ear training, and notation lessons included within our rehearsals. The Scottsdale Children's Choirs sing a variety of literature from different historical and stylistic periods. 

The choirs of the Scottsdale Children's Choirs program are ambassadors for the city of Scottsdale and the state of Arizona.  The SCC curriculum includes learning in an environment focused on helping create positive role models in our community and good citizens. The SCC program is designed to partner with the choral music program in the student's school.  At SCC we seek to further develop the musician who brings his/her musical experiences back to the school classroom to help enhance the choral experience for his/her school and community.

Scottsale Children's Choir (auditioned grades 4-8)

The singers in the SCC sing in two major concerts per year and additional concerts with the Scottsdale Choral Artists and Scottsdale Arts Orchestra. Singers in the SCC will represent the choirs by singing "run-out" concerts in the Phoenix area as well as participating in children's choir festivals. Singers in the choir are typically entering the fourth grade through grade eight and have passed competency exams in music theory and ear training for the top chorus. The SCC sings a variety of literature in different languages, styles, and historical periods. The SCC singers continue to receive music theory and ear training instruction throughout their tenure in the ensemble. The choirs rehearse once a week on Thursday evenings with a monthly, extended Saturday rehearsal.

Scottsdale Training Choir (non-auditioned grades 1-4)

The singers in the STC sing in two major concerts per year with some additional run-out concerts in the community.  Singers in the choir are instructed in proper singing technique, music theory, and ear training.  The STC is a preparatory choir in which the skills to advance to the top, tour choir (Scottsdale Children's Choir) are developed.  Children in the STC typically range from grade 1-3.  The choir rehearses once a week on Thursday evenings.