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Can't we share?

I would love to see a button to share ChoralNet gems with my Facebook friends...
on September 14, 2010 7:57am
Julia - I just thought of this same idea - was coming to write it . . .
I would suggest that it not be sent to them - but rather the link bring them to the choralnet page, to help  people who don't know choralnet.  It could actually be a stock template page with text such as: 
Link provided by (or on) Choralnet - the Conductor of Choir member's  first stop for all things Choral.
on September 14, 2010 7:58am
Why not also make it possible to pop in anyone's email address to forward something to - not all folks (believe it or not) are on Facebook.  Just make sure of the security issue - don't want spammers picking up an entered email adrdress.  I think it could potentially make many more people aware of choralnet.
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