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big Band and Chorus repertoire???

I am planning a program for 2011-2012  to feature "big band music with chorus."
My Greenville Chorale  (160 voices) will combine with Gville Symphony Orchestra.
Having trouble finding arrangements of big band era music  FOR CHORUS WITH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.
Can anyone offer some help or advice?
Bingham Vick, Jr.
Conductor, Greenville Chorale
Greenville SC
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on September 25, 2010 9:55am
Hi, Bing, and I don't want to discourage you from searching because you may well find what you need, but I would suggest that arrangements that treat a symphony orchestra like a big band are going to be rather rare, for the simple reason that a symphony is NOT a jazz big band!  And when they are written, as when the Boston Pops does this sort of thing, they are very likely to be commissioned special arrangements and not published and available arrangements.  And they are also likely to be for vocal soloist rather than chorus, because again, a chorus is not a jazz vocal group.
But if you are familiar with the OrchestraList, I would recommend posting your question there.  And if you aren't, I'd be happy to post it for you.  If you'd like me to, please contact me off list and send me your email address.
on September 26, 2010 11:00pm
Check out the archives at Fred Waring's America at Penn State.  Pattee Library, University Park, PA 16802. 814 863 2911. 
on September 21, 2011 5:58am
Check out Peter Mansfield. He is an arranger, and has done work for the Boston Pops. 
And he is pleasant to work with.
Jim Sharrock
on September 21, 2011 8:30am
In Pepper, look for vocal jazz arrangements that include a instrumental pack. They tend to have rhythm section and horn parts, which can be expanded to use with a big band. There are also standards such as Tuxedo Junction, In the Mood, in which the vocal arrangement follows the original band arrangement, in which case, the band could get their own charts, and the chorus could get their parts, and maybe they would sync up.
on September 22, 2011 3:50am
I've done a couple of arrangements with Jazz Band which work quite well if you are interested:
Let me know if you are interested.
Stuart McIntosh
on September 22, 2011 9:51am
As already proffered, I would check out the Fred Waring Collection at Penn St.  Some of those wonderful arr. are still timely,  at least for a studio orchestra accompanying a chorus.  i'm thinking especially of the theme programs built around Cole Porter and George Gershwin.  Perhaps some BBE music is there, too.  
Another avenue you might try - Dr. David Joyner, Director of Jazz Studies at Pacific Lutheran Univ.
He arranges music for, and is a member of In Full Swing - This group has several symphony books listed on their website. One is a Sinatra tribute, another one features the big band era music of Glenn Miller.  I don't think those arr. are available...however, it will give you an idea of the fine quality of Dr. Joyner's  writing.  Perhaps he has other symphonic arrangements that ARE available.  I hope you find arrangements for your chorus and would like to know how this eventually turns out.  Good Luck!
on September 23, 2011 7:34am
Larry Lapin at the University of Miami has done quite a bit of writing for various instrumentations in this general realm, as have many of his students. Contact him at via this page. The Henry Mancini Institute Orchestra is based there and is playing the kind of music you're looking for.
I think you're likely to find most arrangements ask for a hybrid ensemble -- the "studio orchestra" that has strings and most orchestral instruments, but with additional saxophones, etc.
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