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New B Minor Mass edition

I'm doing the B Minor Mass in the spring and we're going to splurge for the Bärenreiter edition. But I see they've come out with a "revised" version this month. This adds quite a bit to the cost, not because the scores cost much more, but because the dozen or so of my singers who already have their own copies can't use them if there are significant differences.
Anyone know how extensive the changes are? The Bärenreiter description page refers to newly-discovered instrumental parts and x-ray spectrography to distinguish between original manuscript and additions by CPE Bach and others, which sounds like it would mostly affect the instrumental parts. If it's a matter of a few articulation marks here or there, not worth it.
on March 3, 2014 8:45pm
Urgent need for information!
Re: Barenreiter editions of Bach's Mass in B Minor, BWV232
BA5935 (2010) Based on the New Bach Edition, Revised
BA5102a (1955, but still in print and for sale; I have a fairly new copy) Based on the New Bach Edition
Does any one have access to a summary or list of differences, if any, between these, that affect performance?

The Critical Report is too costly.
Unfortunately, the two editions are not compatible - the numbering of the movements is different, as is the pagination, layout, AND the numbering of measures!
I would also be grateful to receive a copy of, or link to, an article by Daniel Boomhower called "Bach Mass in B Minor" (Notes, December 2012).
Thank you!
Sarah Johnston
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