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Music for Jr High mixed choir

I've had an auditioned mixed choir of 6-8 graders in our parochial school for a few years. We've been blessed with a good number of boys and have been able to sing mostly 2-3 part Treble music.  Now after getting pretty comfortable with our repertoire (their favorite songs are Rutter's For the Beauty of the Earth and Angel's Song) I'm finding that the bumper crop of 6th grade boys from two years ago are now a rather limited (vocally!) group of 8th graders with voices in almost every stage of change. I'm reading everything I can on changing voices, but what I really need is music! I'm tired of rewriting every vocal line so that it doesn't drop too low or go too high for these boys. I've accepted that our choral sound will be a bit different this year, but these boys still like to sing and they are mostly willing to work. I've managed to keep a few as sopranos, a handful will sing alto with some of the girls, and I have 4-5 who really need a Baritone part - but one that doesn't drop below Eb (2 can sing C or D in a pinch). Is my problem that unusual that I can't find any music for this choir? Or am I just not looking in the right place? Any suggestions for sacred music would be appreciated.
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