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Searchable Index to the ACDA Choral Journal available now! (for ACDA members)

searchable Choral Journal index is now available to members on the ACDA website.  The index covers Volumes 19-50 (1979-2010) and can be downloaded for free by ACDA members.  The Choral Journal index is an important source of information for researchers, choral music students, and libraries and this electronic version makes it even easier to search for articles.  Simply enter a word or series of words into your pdf viewer's find box and let the computer search the entire document for you.  This searchable index is the work of Dr. Scott Dorsey who also wrote Choral Journal: An Index to Volumes 19-32 and who has compiled the index for Choral Journalon an annual basis since Vol. 28 no. 10 (May 1988).   This index updates the print version Choral Journal: An Index to Volumes 19-32.  The print version of both indices (Choral Journal: An Index to Volumes 1-18 andChoral Journal: An Index to Volumes 19-32) are still available at the ACDA online store.