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October 2010 ChoraLink

ACDA Eastern Division ChoraLink
October 2010 

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 Prague Choral Festival


Welcome to ChoraLink, a monthly update from ACDA's Eastern Division, with links to news, events, and resources.
Check out the following:
Kegerreis Collegiate awards to attend Chicago National Conference. Deadline November 15.  Apply online at
Retiree awards to attend Chicago National Conference. A memorial tribute to Brent Miller.  Apply online at
From Peggy Dettwiler, College and University R & S:  "Please join our ACDA Eastern Division College and University ChoralNet Community at"
John Delorey, Male Choir R & S, offers a free arrangement at
Remember to read the new Troubadour and enter a contest to win free registration to the Eastern Division Conference in 2012.
Post your events or job listing on the Division Website.
Remember the new Jobs page at
And the new Calendar at  
Registration for National Conference is now open online.

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In the past six months two of my choir members lost their daughters (in their 40s) and another lost her husband of 55 years.  None of them missed a rehearsal.  Music keeps them going.


Have a great Fall!
Bob Eaton

Prague Choral Festival
Prague Choral Festival
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