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Fauré Requiem original chamber instrumentation - Parts

Location: Illinois, USA
Item: Set of parts
Composer/Arranger/Edition: G. Fauré/ed. John Rutter (or other)
Starting: ASAP
For: through November 7
Copies: 1 per instrumen
Willing to rent: Yes
Friends - I'd like to borrow a set of parts for the "original chamber  instrumentation" of the Fauré Requiem.  I own the Rutter conductor's score, and we have TWO sets of the larger orchestration in our files, but not the smaller one.  I need the one for violas, cellos, basses, horns, bassoons (though I'm not using bassoons), harp, solo violin and organ.
I have one stand per part in the score, so I only need one part per stand.
Every penny of my budget that remains for the year is spoken for, and I don't have the wiggle room to buy a set of parts this season.
We're presenting the piece on Nov. 7 (All Saints).
Thanks in advance,
Dan Wagner
Grace UMC, Naperville, IL
andante147 at the gmail