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Church Choir Responsibilities

I have been directing church choirs for 53 years, and still going strong. BUT, I now direct a choir that has an attitude that I've never encountered before. I have been here 3 years. I cannot seem to get the choir to accept the idea that they are not singing on Sunday mornings for the purpose of entertaining the congregation. They feel that is their purpose. I try to instill in them the reason for their being in the choir loft is to help lead the congregation in the singing of hymns, liturgy, responses, and for whatever else the Pastor may need the choir. Our anthem also, is an offeratory anthem and is our offering to God as the congregation gives their offerings. If I schedule special music for a Sunday (solo, instrumentalist, etc.) and no anthem, they feel they should not sit in the choir loft, but in the congregation. I am interested in the thoughts of other directors and what other choirs do. Help!
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