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Choral Music and Choir on Twitter

Twitter continues to reveal fascinating bits of information and show itself to be a tool for insight.
I've got two permanent searches going on "TweetDeck" (a tool for monitoring twitter accounts).  Whenever someone tweets the word "choir" or "choral music" it comes up on my screen.
Here are a few from today and yesterday:
Interesting, eh?
Try it for yourself.
P.S. I sent a message to the "stoned" fellow and told him his behavior was shameful.
on October 31, 2010 8:41am
Thanks for putting this up.   I've been looking in to using twitter to communicate with the parents of my choir kids, but few use it.  This is a nice reminder of other ways Twitter can be useful.   My choir is in the process of seeking 400 people to sing with us on a new project.   We ut up posters and contacted the media. I think I'll sign up to watch for anyone talking about the project.  :)