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Suggestions for Sound Reinforcement

This year, our auditioned choir is starting to explore vocal jazz and multi-cultural music.  What kind of setups are existing vocal jazz groups using for sound reinforcement for vocalists and instrumentalists in their combos?  I have an 18 voice SATB choir with a combo consisting of keyboard, rhythm guitar, bass guitar,and drums.  We also use a fair amount of African percussion instruments.  I am particularly looking for specifics on vocal and instrumental mics.  We have a state of the art mixer in our auditorium.  Can I also get feedback from groups who go "unplugged" vocally --no mics.  We perform in venues that do not suit themselves to typical sound reinforcement.  (i.e. nursing homes, senior centers, very small venues)  
on September 15, 2014 1:14pm
Hi Shelly,
I am a vocal jazz director and have a fairly decent knowledge of sound systems. We don't have a lot of cash to throw at things so I have to make sure my equipment will last. :)
For vocal mics we use Shure Beta 58's. They are clean, have ok rejection, and you get what you put in there without color.  Instrument mics. Hmmm. I use CAD7 set. They are this cute little set of mics (I do mean little) that attach to your kit. I like unidirectional mics that have a good rejection (off axis) rates for the other things you have. I would use either a Shure 57 or regular 58 on the guitar amp. I would run the bass direct to the mixer and a low level amp for stage sound. I don't put the bass in the wedges because it muddies things up (I use Eden Amplification stuff). Keyboards go direct (for me) as well. If you need a bit of stage sound I would use a clean amp that is designed for the keyboard (small guitar amp works as well). So, each of the keyboard(s) / bass in puts can go through a direct box (I like them clean without any options) and/or from the amp with a DI output.
I use QSC's for the monitors and mains. LOVE them. Clean and powered. No hauling of amps about.
Email me if you questions :)
We have been using one on a mic for home performances and jazz festivals... They max out at 16 mics for most of the festivals. We have run into issues with Disney as they don't want to put up more than 8 mics.
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