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JH/MS Choir Travel---overnight or not?

Hi everyone!  I am curious.  Do your school districts or choir communities encourage or discourage MS/JH Choir travel involving overnight stays?  Carnegie Hall personnel are interested in promoting programs to our age-group singers.  Is it even possible and allowed (by the majority) to plan such travel??  My district, in Kansas, says "NO" unless it's an honored and invited event.  What's your situtation?  Please include your resident state in your reply.
on August 20, 2011 5:22pm
My district in Charlotte, NC allows overnight travel. I took my kids to Six Flags and the GA Aquarium in Atlanta a couple of years ago, and am planning a trip to Williamsburg, VA this year. They just require that trips be aligned with curriculum, which music festivals pretty much covers. I say go for it.
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