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Boys' & Youth Choir "Dagilėlis"

Category: Children's and Youth Choirs
Voicing: Children
Location: Siauliai, Lithuania
The Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis” of Šiauliai is one of the most prominent groups in the choir genre category in Lithuania and all Baltic regions. Each year “Dagilėlis“ holds a number of concerts. The choir has been listened to and applauded by hundreds of listeners in various cities in Lithuania and abroad.  The young singers rejoice the hearts of the audience by their perfect performance, emotionality and their vibrant sounding voices.
The contribution of „Dagilėlis” to the cultural life of Šiauliai and Lithuania, efforts of cherishing the choir singing traditions and the representation of the Lithuanian choral art in foreign countries have been awarded by acknowledgments of Presidents of the Republic of Lithuania, numerous diplomas and the Lithuanian choral nomination of the year 2000 „Golden Bird“ .
In 1990 the Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis“ was established and then has been directed by Remigijus Adomaitis. Due to artistic, pedagogical and organizational abilities of the energetic artistic director, the creative biography of the choir has been enriched with important and significant achievements. The number of choir members has been growing fast and in 1999 the choral singing school “Dagilėlis“ was established.
The Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis“ has performed in USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Estonia, Czech Republic, Belarus and other countries. The choir has brought home excellent reviews of music experts on the music performed by “Dagilėlis“ in prestigious concert halls of Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore (USA), Rome (Italy), Berlin (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Minsk (Belarus), Poznan (Poland) and other cities in Europe and USA.
The choir regularly prepares new programs and cooperates with the famous art collectives and soloists. “Dagilėlis“ has performed with the State Hermitage orchestra “St Petersburg Camerata“ (Russia), Minsk State chamber orchestra (Belarus), Lithuanian national chamber orchestra,  St. Christopher chamber orchestra, Klaipėda chamber orchestra, Šiauliai chamber orchestra, Lithuanian national  symphony orchestra.
The Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis“ of  Šiauliai  constantly participates  in various international projects, festivals and achieved highest winnings at the nine international choir competitions:
  • 1st prize at the International Choir Competition “Giuseppe Zelioli“ in Lecco (2010, Italy);
  • GRAND PRIX and 1st prize at the International Choir Competition of sacral music in Kaunas (2007, Lithuania);
  • GRAND PRIX and 2 Gold medals at the International Choir Competition “Mundi Cantat“in Olomouc (2006, Czech Republic);
  • 1st prize at the International Choir Competition “Premio Valentino Bucchi “in Rome (2004, Italy);
  • 1st prize at the International Choir Competition of Advent and Christmas Music in Prague (2002, Czech Republic);
  • 1st prize at the Music World International Choir Competition in Fivizzano (2000, Italy);
  • 1st prize and Golden medal at Guido d’Arezzo Choir Competition in Arezzo (1999, Italy);
  • 1st prize at the International Competition of Children’s and Youth Choirs “Dainų versmė“ (Springhead of Songs) (1998, Lithuania);
  • 1st prize at the International Choir Competition in Giessen (1997, Germany).