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Trust the Church Choir Director

I guess I'm just looking for affirmation, but I wonder if anyone else wrestles with the mind-numbing struggle that happens every year with the selection of good Christmas music.
Every year, I choose a program that is challenging and different and beautiful. When I arrived 5 Christmases ago we did K. Lee Scott's Christmas Cantata; Then Bach's Christmas Oratorio (#1); We had a Christmas of Lessons and Carols based largely out of Wilcox' seminal corpus; This past year we assembled a concert in conjunction with a local Retirement Center and Autism Support Group (way too much fun); This year we're performing Rutter's Gloria.
You can see, every year is ambitious and daunting. But every year (Lord willing) we've been successful.
So my question is: when will they start to trust me? Why is every year a fight for their compliance? Who defines "regular Christmas music" - where do they live so I can shoot them!?!
As you can see, I'm a little frustrated. Has anyone else experienced the Christmas doubters? What do you do with them (to them...)? It makes Christmas just plain not-fun - has anyone figured out a way to keep Christmas innovative and fun?
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on November 29, 2010 2:51pm
You must mix in the things they disire with the things you want to extend their range with.
I was at a church where the adult choir could barely make sense out of a Bach Chorale (and they were Lutheran Mo Synod...) I worked on them, putting in 'hard' pieces with 'easy ones'...the mix always worked.
I did Concert material which was harder (Saint Saens, etc) and make Christmas Eve more traditional. 
I don't know the complete repertoire you poerform, but to balance the 15 minutes of Rutter with 15 minutes of reasonable Traditional Christmas arrangements (Oxford Carol books, etc) would seem to be a win/win.
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