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Repetoire for College Choirs?

I would be interested to know what kind of repetoire would be helpful to you in teaching a college choir about church music.
What are you looking for ?  Are you looking for a broad spectrum of time periods, voicing, language ??  Please post your thoughts.
Thank you,
Estelle Cole
on May 29, 2011 2:18pm
Dear Estelle,
I see that no one has replied to your post from December 2nd.  I am sure that the timing
during the busy holiday concert season was a factor.
I teach at a state university so I don't deal directly with "church" music.   However, I certainly
program a great deal of sacred music.  I do advise a student organization of the American
Choral Directors Association, and they have organized a little church choir to go into
the community churches each semester.
Also, I was a director of music in a large church at one time.
I certainly did program music from the historical time periods, but the driving force
of anthem selection was the lectionary and programming music to fit the topic
of the worship service. So in discussing church music with a college choir, I would
start there.
Best wishes,
Peggy Dettwiler
Mansfield University
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