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Choral works from sunny, tropical climes

Dear colleagues,
I am putting together a "Beach Party" or "Endless Summer" program for a February concert in the cold of St. Louis.
I am looking for a variety of songs that come from a more tropical climate.  One of the works
I am starting with is the Island Songs of Stephen Leek.  I would appreciate recommendations of
music from Caribbean, Oceania, Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, Africa, and, of course the
beach areas of the US.  Some pop songs and lighter fare would be good but I also want a 
balanced amount of good choral music.  I appreciate your recommendations for songs that celebrate
warmth and fun from all historical periods and a variety of geographical locales.
I look forward to your recommendations.
Grace and peace,
Larry Smith
Missouri Baptist University
St. Louis MO
on December 1, 2010 6:39pm
I forget the composer, but "National Weather Report" might fit in well - it talks about how awful the weather is around the country, but concludes each verse with a Busby Berkeleyesque "But....California is sunny and mild!" It brought down the house last time we performed it!
Jeff DeMarco
on December 2, 2010 11:16am
Though originally written as an Introit for St. Francis' Day, Clare Shore's Tropical Blessing certainly celebrates nature in south Florida. Go here to hear a recording of the short piece (it's at the bottom of the list):
To order copies of Tropical Blessing, call E.C. Schirmer toll-free: 1-800-777-1919
on December 2, 2010 8:22pm
A member of my University Women's Chorus from Taiwan gave me a recording of her Girl's Chorus from Taiwan singing a lovely Chinese folksong whose title translates: "A Tropical Place."  It is for SSA and piano and is not particularly difficult if you have someone who can help with the Chinese pronunciation.  I transcribed it from the recording, and with the student's help, did a transliteration of the Chinese.  My ladies loved it.  I can send you a Finale file or a PDF if you are interested.
Bruce Borton
on December 4, 2010 1:57pm
Hi there Larry
"There's a lady you should know.
She lives in the tropics, in the warmth she likes to grow.
Sunny Lady, most exotic lady...."
The first few words of Ooh Ladyfinger - a song about a tasty Australian banana, which exisits in SATB and TTBB (slightly easier version) voicings. Not a serious song, and in a jazzy-ish style. Popular with the choral groups who've performed it. Have a look at
Best wishes
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