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Piano reduction for "Bluegrass Mass"

The community choral group which I direct has programmed Carol Barnett's "The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass" for this spring.  Has anyone prepared a keyboard reduction of the vocal parts that they would be willing to share?  There are several sub-divided parts that are quite complex and would be difficult for our rehearsal accompanist to play from an open score.  Also, I notice that several of the performances on You-tube make use of a piano in addition to a bluegrass group.  Am I correct to assume that this is something that is being done out of necessity, to support the choir and/or instrumentalists, and is not the original intent?
on December 9, 2010 7:00pm
When we were rehearsing this work, I found the piano to be too heavy in relation to the instruments so our pianst sang instead. 
As a warning, some of the instrumental parts are not written properly, especially the banjo rolls.  We were lucky to have two rehearsals with the instruments, but I would have been in trouble with one rehearsal.  You may want to check with your players about this.
All my best,
Dr. Sterling Allen
Director of Music and Fine Arts Ministries
A&M United Methodist Church
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