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The Crossing @ Winter

Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Choir type: Professional Choirs
Voicing: Mixed
The Crossing
Donald Nally, conductor

January 2, 2010 4PM
The Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Statements    (1970)                     Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen
I want to live  (2005)                     David Lang
Potter’s Clay  (2007)                      Paul Fowler
Six Mediaeval Lyrics (2006/2010)    William Brooks
                        World premiere of the choral version
Intermission – 15 minutes
Dreams  (1977)                    Erik Bergman
1.     Echoes
2.     Solitude
3.     Restlessness
Two Works for Women           Lang
This condition (2000)
I live in pain (2010)
                        World premiere
Echoes (2010)                          Fowler
                        World premiere
IV. I lie (2005)                            Lang
VII. Long Road (2010)             Eriks Esenvalds
                      American premiere
The fabled and famed women of The Crossing come together to kick off the new year with contemporary works for women’s voices.

The program features several works of Crossing favorite David Lang: his haunting 'i lie' (2001), the moving 'I want to live' (2005), and a set of three works centered on post-modern poet Lydia Davis’ 'this condition' (2000); the final two works of this cycle will be world premieres, written for the women of The Crossing. Also receiving a world premiere will be Paul Fowler’s new work on Tibetan Tales author Naomi Rose, a companion piece to his 'Potter’s Clay' (2007). The program is rich in curious, thought-provoking texts, continuing with William Brooks: 'Six Mediaeval Lyrics' (2004), which span the wide range of styles in medieval poetry, mostly written by women. And the eccentric, marvelous world of Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen is heard in his 'Statements' (1970); an encore performance the Month of Moderns 2009, we bring it back as a result of the profound and extraordinary reaction it provoked in our audience and in us. Rounding out the program is Finnish composer Erik Bergman's 'influential Dreams' (1977), a magical work exploring the colors and combinations of voices.  The men of The Crossing join the women for the American premiere of Eriks Esenvalds 'Long Road.'

Don't miss: our upcoming CD release with a major work of Paul Fowler, premiered in July 2010, on March 31, 2011.

Come. Hear. Now.
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