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Announcing: Faure Requiem on 9/11/11

Location: Michigan, USA

My dream this year is to conduct Faure's Requiem on the tenth anniversary of 9-11, as a tribute to those that have fallen not just on that day, but on battlefields in the years since, and to those that have stayed standing, carrying on ever stronger during this challenging decade.  


I'm looking for :



a Venue

Rehearsal space for the summer 

Scores to borrow

Organizations to benefit, as this project is not for profit

Planners, promoters, and anything that will get this off the ground and in front of an audience.


I know not everyone who reads this will be in the area of Detroit, MI, but I'm sharing this as far and wide as I can, so that those who know of good resources can get in contact with me.  The Faure is an amazing piece, and it was one of my most prominent memories of 9/11 - there was a church in NYC that offered a Mass for the dead within a week of it, and the music of the Requiem accompanied it. 


I want to make this an amazing performance, so anyone willing to throw their hat in and offer something is more than welcome to get in touch!



Amy Saari
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