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STB repertoire?

I have 3 soloists in my church choir, a soprano, a tenor, and a bass.  I'd like to find a few sacred pieces that the three of them could sing together, and welcome your suggestions!  The Tenor is able to sing alto, but obviously it should be a moderate alto part.
Julie Ford
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on January 19, 2011 12:47am
Can you tell us a bit more about what type of music you are looking for? 
Here are a few things I found useful when I was directing a tiny church choir that had no altos.
Recent Researches has published a book of 2 part (various voicings) and 3 part (STB) pieces by Lassus -
cpdl has a few pieces that work for STB, although some need to be transposed. 
There are some 3-part psalm settings and sacred songs by Mundy & Tomkins in the madrigal books published by Stainer & Bell - - I used some that listed the voices as SAT for a group that was really STB, because both the alto and tenor parts were quite low.
You might also look at ATB repertoire - not all alto parts will be too low for your soprano.
on January 19, 2011 3:38pm
Thanks!  They're pros, so I'm looking for repertoire that will be interesting for professional singers, but appropriate for worship.  The things you're suggesting will probably be just right :)
on January 19, 2011 2:58am
If you click this link and scroll down you will see a list of over 100 songs for STB voicing.
Hope it helps!
All the Best,
Alan Davis 
on January 19, 2011 7:18am
A couple of suggestions:
Some movements from Haydn's Creation are for trio and chorus.
Taking up Lora's suggestion of ATB, you may like to ask your soprano whether Purcell's Rejoice in the Lord is within her range.
on January 19, 2011 1:11pm
Starting with the Glogauer  Liederbuch- a very early collection-most masters did this voicing. check Byrd's 11 Anthems (Kalmus 6667)Dufay's {30} Samtliche Hymnen (Chorwerk 49/Kalmus), Lassus Ave Regina Coelorum,Salves by Obrecht et al.
as noted transpositions may be desired, but soloists could do this.
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