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Check out Elektra's new online repertoire resource

In case some of you didn't spot the recent item on ChoralNet Announcements, I wanted to make sure I encouraged my women's choir colleagues to go to, where we've just created a multi-faceted repertoire resource for conductors of women's choirs.  It has an entry for all the compositions and arrangements we've programmed in our own concerts over 23 years - currently 393.  It's designed for browsing, and ultimately each piece will have a note from me, one from any living composers, something you could print in your own concert program, texts, translations, publisher and composer links, score samples and sound bytes.  It's been many months and late nights in the building, and there is so much more to add, but Margaret and Gary encouraged me to just "get it up there" so people can start using it, so it's there for the looking.  I'm adding to it all the time. I think my favourite (note the Canadian spelling) area is "Collections".  I would love to hear what you think and ideas you have to make it even more useful.
Looking forward to seeing many of you in Chicago! 
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