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Choir folders

I am looking for cheap, but sturdy choir music folders. I could use some recommendations for brands and/or solutions. Also, if there is anybody out there who is replacing their choir folders and wants to get rid of the old ones for free, please let me know as well.
Much obliged,
Remy van der Put
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on August 28, 2012 3:16pm
Hi Remy, there is another option that hasn't been mentioned and I'm going to add it as a topical comment, especially since we manufacture the better folders which people are talking about in this thread:
  1. As the manufacturer, we have "factory seconds" at up to 50% off. They can be 'grade A' (25%) which have tiny flaws or scratches that are functionally insignificant - or 'grade B' which may have more visible issues but are usually perfect folders that have been mis-imprinted. Sometimes staff imprint the wrong type of folder or miss a spelling error - but one can black out the printing with a marker, and have a perfectly good folder otherwise, of excellent durability as you desire.
  2. We generally manufacture our different versions of folders in batches of 1600-2000 of one type at a time. So 'factory seconds' of grade A trickle in of that one type at a time (plus the B imprinting errors more frequently in this peak seaon). This week we're building "The Black Folder". Just call toll-free or click "Chat" during business hours on our web site's chat icon, to ask for a certain type of folder as a factory second (specify A or B) - we'll walk back to the bins and let you know what's availiable. Today, for example, there are no seconds of the 'standard' version of The Black Folder; a large quantity of Band and Orchestra folders as 'grade B' seconds, and a variety of other choral folders as A or B seconds. In a perfect world we'd create no factory seconds!
  3. Lead times. It's August 28th and I know other folks are quoting up to 8 weeks or more to get your orders to you. Not us. We ship within a day (unless you add imprinting which generally takes a few days to do). If a folder is listed there and you can order it, we have it and will ship right away, in the shipping time frame you have paid for. If ever we did run low I'd be announcing that in an alert on the web site. I prepared for the Fall order crunch and we have THOUSANDS of folders ready for you here, now, and are of course building more daily. 
  4. Any music store can order in for you from us, too (we don't control their pricing) ... or you can order direct at .
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